Harri Larkin – Bonfire Toffee video

Photo Credit: Zowie Alexander

Back in August Sheffield trio Harri Larkin released the brilliant indie-funk fusion single ‘Bonfire Toffee’ and this weekend the group have endowed the track with a dreamy video, the directorial debut of Drastic//Automatic’s Benji Wilson.

Cornish singer/guitarist Harri Tape describes: “The track is all about the excitement of new love. I was inspired by my girlfriend and how we got together. I always dedicate it to her at shows.” so it only seems right Harri’s girlfriend should appear alongside her in the vid, together with Sheffielder bassist Oscar South and Glaswegian drummer Danton Laromani.

Footage comprises the four rambling contentedly and walking their dog through Yorkshire countryside, taking in the astonishing, rolling scenery, the group putting the song together in their rehearsal studio and then some late night relaxation around a campfire, with a charming shot at the point the song reaches its apex – drone footage takes us over above the scene, where we find out what felt like a huddle of mates chilling by a bonfire on a campsite near a far-flung beach is really taking place outside of their city centre rehearsal rooms; a sweet, exuberant, warm-hearted oasis in the centre of urban sprawl.

‘Bonfire Toffee’, produced by Federico Telesca, was released on 26th August 2022 and is available to listen to wherever you usually go to stream music. We reviewed the single at the time. The music video we’ve just been raving about is available to watch below:

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