Damian Luke and The Sweet Beast – Mad Love

Ramping up the rock’n’roll all the way to its vaudeville peak, Damien Luke and The Sweet Beast are exploding back onto your stereo with their second single, ‘Mad Love’, choosing to eschew sixty years of culture and taking their favourite musical medium right back to its very genesis, tapping straight into the 1950s masterclass of Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis, the original rock’n’roll kings.

Over the top of hip-shaking, foot-tapping, boundlessly satisfying fuzzy guitar, frenzied drums and a one-note speeding piano line, singer Damien Luke leads us in a rallying cry to leave aside pointless regrets and live for the present, just as all the real, primal rock’n’roll greats inspire, armed with flawlessly catchy rhythm and some zealously rapturous riffs. You’ll be twisting and jitterbugging all over your living room floor before the song’s finished.

‘Mad Love’ is out now on all the streaming platforms with a video coming very soon. We’ll get the vid up on this site as soon as it’s out. For the time being, you can hear the song on Spotify below:

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