The View – Feels Like

Dundee’s most famous musical sons, The View, are back after an eight year break with punchy new single ‘Feels Like’. If you were only paying attention at the start of the Scottish scamps career you may be expecting an unruly Libertines-esque affair of clattering guitars and sozzled harmonica but The View have come some way since ‘Same Jeans’ and ‘Superstar Tradesman’, classic singles though obviously they were.

‘Feels Like’ sees the reenergised and refocussed trio tackle an anthemic melody the like of which fellow Scots Teenage Fanclub would have delivered in their mightiest of heydays. The guitars are janglier than before, with a chorus as cocksure and peppy as anything they’ve put their name to, singer Kyle Falconer’s rasp remaining perfectly inimitable.

‘Feels Like’ is the first single from The View’s forthcoming LP ‘Exorcism Of Youth’ due out on 9th June 2023. It’s available to pre-order now on loads of formats, including a nifty white vinyl. The tracklist is below:

1. ‘Exorcism of Youth’
2. ‘Feels Like’
3. ‘The Wonder of It All’
4. ‘Arctic Sun’
5. ‘Shovel In His Hands’
6. ‘Allergic To Mornings’
7. ‘Black Mirror’
8. ‘Neon Nights’
9. ‘Dixie’
10. ‘Woman of the Year’
11. ‘Footprints in the Sand’
12. ‘Tangled’

You can listen to ‘Feels Like’ on YouTube below:

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