Gengahr – A Ladder

Hackney based London indie chaps Gengahr are dipping their toes in the water again, after a two year break, with new single ‘A Ladder’. A perky, upbeat tune with a sun-drenched slant, the playful track is backed by sliding bass and effervescent instrumentation, alongside what the band themselves refer to as “cartoon-like imagery”.

Photo Credit: David J East

We’ve come to expect intrepid experimentation and some startlingly original sounds on your average Gengahr track,three albums and nine years into their career they’ve never been ones to rehash the same noises but, much like Foals decision to go all-out party mode on ‘Life Is Yours’, Gengahr appear to have thrown their lot totally into feel-good, loved up bliss in this next era and we’re fully into it.

We think it’s safe to say a new album will be announced shortly, but for the time being you can view the outstanding video for ‘A Ladder’ which sees the band mock-scientifically examine the song’s lyrics, decked out in lab coats, grasping microscopes, with the aid of some nifty old school graphics and a telescope. Bit of a 1980’s Open University/Look Around You vibe. See for yourself below:

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