The Mighty Cymru Playlist

From Penarth to Anglesey, Pembrokeshire to Newport, the welsh music scene is positively bouncing and more exciting than it’s been in a loooooong, long time right now. So we went ahead and picked our favourite current tunes from all over this lovely nation and put them into one mega playlist for you to fill some merry moments and feel a surge of that national pride glow.

Featuring Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, Trampolene, Boy Azooga, CVC, Panic Shack, Adwaith, Broken Fires, Red Telephone, Alice Low, Minas, Fate Of The Sun, James And The Cold Gun, Himalayas and tonnes more.

Wanna have a listen? The Spotify playlist is right there below. Have the time of your life.

Published by heyrichey

I like music. In my spare time sometimes I listen to it and then write about the music I've listened to.

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