Fate Of The Sun – the ‘Glory Hole’ interview

“Believe it or not, I’ve always kept my politics to myself, not got involved, but I said to myself, “If I don’t start to speak my mind and try and highlight things or change people’s opinions, then I’m doing my children a disservice”. Nothing will ever change unless we stand up for what we think is right!”

Penarth’s own Fate Of The Sun has swung right back into action with knockout new single ‘Glory Hole’, released yesterday – Friday 3rd March 2023. To mark the release, the FOTS artist himself agreed to answer a few interview questions for Edge of Arcady and let us in on his views on the new track, politics, the highs and lows of putting out music and the fate of Fate Of The Sun.

To kick things off, what is Fate Of The Sun’s mission statement?
Challenge the system, speak your mind, never conform.

Your new single, Glory Hole, will be out when this gets posted. Can you tell us a bit about it?
The song is about the internet, probably one of the greatest and scariest inventions that we, mankind, has ever produced! It’s reach and capacity seem infinite, yet we use it to tell everyone about mundane shit like what we had for our tea or the bike we just bought that’ll probably never leave the garage. We have such a powerful tool that we could use for the greater good and all we end up doing is sending dick pics to each other! Did you like the last post about my new daps BTW? What did you think of them?! Hahah

How did Fate Of The Sun get started?
A few years ago I saw a documentary about David Bowie. He said, and I am paraphrasing here, that “If you are out of your depth, if your feet can’t quite touch the ground, that is the space where you can come up with something exciting.” I didn’t feel that way until ‘BLADE RUNNER 1999’.  It was ground zero. All that came before seemed boring. The type of Indie music I was making didn’t excite me anymore. I could do that with my eyes closed!

Who or what would you say are your biggest inspirations – musical or otherwise?
Obviously the absolute legend that is David Bowie. The Beatles have been my favourite band since I was a young kid… Strawberry Fields Forever is my all time favourite song and it’s not even a close run thing! Oasis, SFA, Wu Tang, Stone Roses and Beastie Boys are all timers for me. Prodigy, Sleaford Mods, The Streets, garage music, grime, mod culture, terrace culture, gangster films, post apocalyptic imagery, graffiti, Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia, my family, friends, loads of stuff, loads of people and I’ve probably left a band or 10 out that some one I know, probably my Mam, will say “you didn’t bloody mention them mun!” So every aspect of my life up to this point inspires this music, good or bad, funny or sad.

Your last single ‘Hey Mate Hey Mate’ sounds like it has a bit of story behind it. Is that right and can you tell us about it?
‘Hey Mate, Hey Mate!’ is about going out for a quite drink and bumping into an absolute head-case. Them attaching themselves to you and the ensuing craziness that these people attract. My wife always likes to point out to people that “It’s a character, not him” which is true. I’ve bumped into several people like this over the years, as probably most of us have! The one time that springs to mind is me and a few of the boys were drinking in the Old Arcade in Cardiff, watching the footy, Sunday sesh like, and these two brothers attached themselves to us. They were celebrating the fact one of them had just got out of prison after serving time for being involved in organised football violence and they were getting aggy with anyone in the place who had a different opinion of the game to them. More trips to the toilet, more booze down their neck and Liverpool playing United on the telly was not a good mix! Hahahahaha.

Blade Runner 1999’ and ‘Rogues Gallery’ both have some cutting views on the modern world. It’s maybe obvious to anyone who has listened to those tracks but what are your thoughts on the UK and the world at large in 2023?
I see ‘BLADE RUNNER 1999’ as like an origin story to a character that has had enough of all the bullshit that’s going on and ‘Rogues Gallery’ is an extension of that! When I wrote BR I was like fuck it, I’m just saying what I want from now on and not pulling any punches! Believe it or not, I’ve always kept my politics to myself, not got involved, but I said to myself if I don’t start to speak my mind and try and highlight things or change people opinions, then I’m doing my children a disservice. Nothing will ever change unless we stand up for what we think is right! At the moment we’re totally fucked and we need change! Politically, is It Labour and Keir Starmer? I hope so! I’ll be straight down that polling station at the first opportunity and I’ll be encouraging others to do the same! What I do know is, it isn’t these fucking bastard Tories who are only out for themselves and their pals, and not the people actually making this country tick, the working man and woman! They need to go… SOON! I’m feeling the fucking strain and I work, my Mrs works, and we aren’t even in as much shit as other people around us!

What’s your favourite record from another artist?
Already mentioned it, Strawberry Fields Forever. It blows my mind every time I listen to it! I was listening to it this morning. How were they were able to produce a record like that, back in 1967, with the equipment they were using?! Absolute fucking genius.
Special mentions for Beastie Boys: Sabotage
Rage Against the Machine: Killing in the name of
The Streets: Blinded by The Lights
This list could go on and on… I want you back by The Jackson 5.
Strawberry Letter 23 by Shuggie Otis! I need to stop or we’ll be here all day

Big question, I know, but how do you go about making your records?
It used to start with chords or melody and then the lyrics, but more recently it’s anything! A phrase, a situation, someone’s behaviour, a drumbeat. Anything! I write most of my lyrics in my head at work. I never used to write them down, but the amount of stuff I’ve forgotten, I had to start. I normally do them as a little post or story on Insta. I don’t have a book or anything like that. If I need reminding I look on there. So if you see me post something like that on Insta, that’s why. Hahahaha

What have been your high points in recording and releasing music so far?
Easy, interacting and meeting the people that support and listen to my music! Also other musicians and creative people who get that if we help each other, we all win! Not like the crabs looking to pull you down or are just out for themselves! I got followed the other day by this band, they know who they are, they followed me, I followed back, the lead singer then followed me, we interacted a little,they then unfollowed me on their band page, but the lead singer kept following me. If this is a new tactic to get more followers to your main band page, I don’t want anything to do with you, fuck off! You’ve missed the point. I can’t wait to get out and do shows and meet some of the people who have supported me since day dot and share a beer!

Any downsides or low points?
It’s hard having enough time to do everything and sometimes I feel like I’m not 100 percent present with my family because I’m so focused on doing this music thing. I work, I have a family, plus I put in stupid hours doing this music thing. Only people like yourself or anyone else who does something for the love as well as all the other stuff will understand that it’s hard, but necessary! One day I hope my kids look back on what I’m trying to achieve and see that sometimes it’s not about having the best car on the street or the most expensive holidays or any of that other shite! It’s about being you and true to what you love. Anything else is bonus.

You had your two first live performances recently – the very first broadcast live on YouTube, the second at a spoken word night in Port Talbot. How did you find them and can you tell us about them?
The live session I did was at music box in Cardiff and came out much better that I could have imagined. I love the way the vocals sound on it, just one take, proper punky. That’s why I’ve decided to release ‘Hey Mate, Hey Mate!’ (Live) as the B side to Glory hole. For me it’s better than the original. The poetry night came about through a relationship I had on Insta with the owner of Afan Ales and one of founders of Drunk Poets Society, Gavin John. What a night that was, I was blown away with the sense of community Gavin and co-founder James Lilley have cultivated. I’ve never been in a room where people have just laid themselves bare creatively before, it was amazing and I hope to be a regular there in the future! Big shout out to all the people I met that night. I was shitting it to be fair, but everyone who I met on the night and have spoken to since on Insta have been generous with their support. Port Talbot, Culture capital!

What are your plans for the future of Fate Of The Sun?
Glory out on 3.3.23 is just the start of what I’m planning to be a busy year. On 24th March I’ll be returning to Afan Ale’s in Port Talbot, for the first ever live F.O.T.S performance, which I’m very excited about! It’s a top place, full of amazing people and I can’t think of a better place to do my first show. I’m also featuring on a song by the very talented Canadian artist Mercury Teardrop, news of that will be coming very soon. It’s a relationship that I hope will continue grow and produce more songs in the future. He’s been very supportive of F.O.T.S and I’ll always appreciate it. I’ve been offered my first Cardiff gig, which will be in support Shackles of Shame in June, watch this space for more information on that. I’ll also be releasing another single on the same date as my Afan Ales gig – you heard it here first! It’s called ‘Bark! Bark! Bark!’ and will be available from the usual places on 24.3.23. KTF and thank you, Edge Of Arcady for all the support!!!

‘Glory Hole’ is out now to listen to on all streaming outlets, along with all of Fate Of The Sun’s singles to date. We reckon you should take a listen on the Spotify link below:

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