Loviet – The Nighttime Is All In The Timing EP

It’s no easy feat to create rock songs that tower ten storeys high with sheer, dark, sore emotion and stack them next to the fast paced punk-pop of Hole or Green Day. Yet that’s just what Canadian singer-songwriter Loviet has managed to do on her latest EP ‘The Nighttime Is All In The Timing’. Not only has she done it, she’s done it really fucking well.

Introduced by a broken up phone call, much of the EP, starting with opener ‘Broken Lips’, uses classic 80’s and 90’s rock sounds as the format to put across some deeply harrowing feelings – synthesisers present, delay pedals on overdrive, but all zhuzhed up with the calm shimmer of The 1975 while retaining a primal edge, singer Natalie Lynn’s vocals similar to Miley Cyrus’s current sound – i.e, between Courtney Love and Stevie Nicks (maybe with a little less gravel than Miley).

‘Star Treatment’ shrinks the sound right down to one girl playing punk rock on a stage with wiry guitar, punchy drums, fast talking vocals and a major chorus as Loviet wonders aloofly and out loud: “Was that too emotional?… Did I bare my soul to another fucking asshole?”. If you want more of that but with a less moshy, more danceable air (we wouldn’t blame you if you did) then skip forward to final track and latest single ‘Some Kind Of Drug’.

If you were to do that, however, you’d miss the heart-shredding, ponderous, moving beauty of ‘January’, an anthem that half tries to fathom the wreck of a ruined love and spends the other half playing a tear-inducing guitar riff that then collapses into feedback, as only a fan of 90s guitar rock could make work.

‘The Nighttime Is All In The Timing’ was released in full on 24th February 2023 and you can buy it right now on bandcamp or hear it on all the streaming services. We’ve also included the video for ‘Some King Of Drug’ for you to check out below:

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