CHROMA – Don’t Mind Me

The level of dirty riffage here, the sheer scuzz of it, is something you’d expect to hear on a Rage Against The Machine track, shortly followed by Zack de la Rocha’s revolutionary grunts. Yet this is not RATM land, this is the world of CHROMA, where heavy rock guitar and rapid machine gun drum fills are levelled up with singer Katie Hall’s sincere lyrics about her battle with mental health and forever wishing you could just not have those problems, capped off with the magnificent coda “Don’t mind me, I’m just having a breakdown”.

Photo Credit: Bethan Miller

The Pontypridd trio’s first single from their forthcoming, as yet untitled, debut album sees the group, firm linchpins of the Cardiff music scene, in grungier mode than ever, which bodes exceedingly well for the LP coming later this year – part of their freshly signed deal with Alcopop! Records. Bring on the fuzzed-up rock.

‘Don’t Mind Me’ was released today, 1st March 2023, and is available to buy on Bandcamp, as well as stream on all the streaming platforms. You can take a listen on Spotify below:

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