Death Of The High Street – Not Fair music video

A couple of weeks back we brought you Midlands post-punkers Death Of The High Street’s latest single ‘Not Fair’. A few days after the release they put out an excellent video to go with the track, all DIY on a budget of zero pounds and zero pence, directed and edited by the group’s lead guitarist Andy Purves. We reckon it’s just a bit special so thought we’d give you a rundown of it.

The promo refuses to take the single’s theme of feeling chained into a relationship and not knowing when to call it a day figuratively, seeing the couple at the centre of the story literally shackled to each other as they go through a day, from waking up together, making breakfast, going to and coming home from work plagued by memories of bickering and fights.

The evening sees the pair downing shots in a bar as the DOTHS boys themselves play in the background. After some carefree dancing, cuddles and getting a kebab together, the night sees the couple end up in an argument over dodgy text messages and before we know it the shackles are back and the duo are sobbing on the kitchen floor before a flash forward to the following morning hangover.

A video expertly made, with some fine acting performances from stars Ricky Wild and Alex Taylor. Top work all round and a top tune to boot. Give the video a play on YouTube below.

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