Elis. – Bite Your Tongue

There’s something deeply empowering about harnessing the spooky, mean strength of the dark side when your world’s wonky. On ‘Bite Your Tongue’, Wrexham solo creator Elis. does just that, performing his debut single from inside demonic shoes and taking on all the confidence and sexiness that comes with them.

With a meaty bassline from the Seven Nation Army school of basslines and a lazy, stoned beat from Billie Eilish’s songbook, like a cool, steady-handed and evil assassin Elis.’s alter-ego spells out exactly what will become of anyone who’d fuck with him, through disinterested vocals and a sleazy rhythm seducing the unsuspecting to “bite me I’m citrus flavoured/ kiss me now, it’ll kill you later”.

Elis.’s debut single ‘Bite Your Tongue’ was released on 7th April, so you can find it on all streaming platforms now. We’ve included the Spotify link for you below:

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