Jen Dixon – Over You

You know those absolutely massive choruses that make the hair on your neck stand on end, like when Coldplay get all rousing and you break out in goosebumps whether you like them or not? Well Jen Dixon’s new single, ‘Over You’, has a monumental chorus like that. But unlike Coldplay, we’re quite certain we like Jen and are very ok with this goosebump attack.

‘Over You’ sees the North East England singer-songwriter deep in ponderance over the end of a relationship during hushed melodious verses before evidently finding a sure sense of a new beginning and hope when the towering chorus chimes in, kindly sharing that hopeful spark with her listeners too. During the bridge, Dixon imparts some unreserved emotion in a short spoken word rap before bringing us back that uplifting guitar and drum chorus one final time.

‘Over You’ was the first single to be released from Jen Dixon’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Less Than A Feeling’ – available to pre-order over on Jen’s website – and came out on all streaming platforms – 7th April 2023. You can have a listen to the track yourself over on Spotify now:

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