Telgate – Gammon

Photo: Sam Stevens

Like a prowling, mighty, queer-rock beast of prey, Cardiff’s Telgate are out stalking their domain which is this whole entire brexit broken British island of ours, summoning the brutal, raw power of glam rock and heavy riffage rage to bring about some healing. Quivering little ‘Gammon’ snowflakes beware – these LGBT rock stars are hungry for vengeance and thirsty for blood!

A surging call to arms theme song for a revolution, vocalist Casper James delivers a bold incantation of empowerment and victory over their eager, psychedelic tribe of rainbow coloured antifascists over scorching fuzz guitars and persistent drums. If Led Zeppelin had been a riot grrrrl band they would likely only have been able to come up with something half as great as this.

Photo Credit: Tom Damsell

Telgate’s latest single ‘Gammon’ was released on 1st April 2023 and is available on all of the streaming sites to listen to right now. Hear it on Spotify below:

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