The Gulps – Surrender

Photo Credit: roscoreckless

Ferocious drumming? Check. Distorted guitars? Check. Breakneck speed and brazen euphoria? Double check. The Gulps have slammed us with another slab of melodious gold on latest single ‘Surrender’, further exploring the surly but vicious indie punk spirit of previous single ‘Mirror Mirror’, letting their disco-led tendencies bubble away in the background for a while. Don’t get us wrong, this is still alternative music you can pull mad shapes to, but the rock’n’roll heart beats devilishly strong on this one.

Photo Credit: roscoreckless

A vocoded up Javier Solas growls his most poetic lines yet, “What if love no longer hurts me/ and my feelings spin out of control/ I found a place I was weightless/ eternity will always flow”, to plot the track’s core directive – to “Surrender – I want to be forever young”, every verse and chorus jabbed with spiky, ecstatic guitar blasts, leaving the listener with no choice but to give in, whether they want to or not – and join in The Gulps’ exuberant experience of never-ending youth and a party that never needs to stop.

‘Surrender’ is produced by Tim Wheeler, the legendary frontman of The Gulps’ tour pals and all-round geniuses Ash, and is available to listen to on all streaming platforms now. Take a listen on the Spotify link below:

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