Aderyn – I Wish I Had A Dog

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We’ve been racking our brains on this one but we’re pretty sure that, to date, there have been zero songs inspired by the utter horrendousness of suffering private rental landlords with rules like 1) No Dogs and 2) Fines for putting up pictures on your wall. With her latest single ‘I Wish I Had A Dog’, Cardiff’s Aderyn has seen that gap in the market and done something about it.

With pristine Paramore and No Doubt-esque craftsmanship, the grunge-pop songstress takes obliteratingly sharp social commentary on the absurdity of the 2020s – digging into the trend of young people selling foot pics and the high likelihood that kids with enough time to make music are already well moneyed – setting her sardonic observations to fiery punk-pop guitars, ludicrously energetic drums and an all-round severely excellent indie-rock tune.

‘I Wish I Had A Dog’ is the first single from Aderyn’s forthcoming debut EP ‘Sea Glass’. We don’t know a release date yet, or what the other tracks will be, but we cannot recommend enough that you take a listen to the track on the Spotify link below or wherever you satisfy your lust for bangers:

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