Loviet – What I Wouldn’t Give

You know those tunes so big that they get lodged in your subconscious and for days, maybe even weeks, they’re the background music in your head when everything else is quiet? An earworm, if you like. Well the chorus to ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’ by Canadian singer songwriter Loviet has gone and done that for this reviewer.

Photo Credit: Loviet’s instagram

With a thunderingly persistent, repeating bassline, restless and anecdotal lyrics – “I’m miserable baby, can’t you tell? I’ve searched all over this whole world, just to lay beside you in this hotel”, and a positively soaring, emotional chorus, Loviet harnesses a chilled out vibe of a melody that The 1975 would boast amongst their finest if they’d come up with it first, and gives it the ‘90s power ballad Natalie Imbruglia treatment, or like a more glacial Alanis Morrissette – yes, we chose another Canadian artist on purpose for that comparison.

Photo Credit: Barbra Color

We’ve only just got over her recent EP ‘The Nighttime Is All In The Timing’, so we’re more than elated that Loviet’s next release is such an outright anthem. ‘What I Wouldn’t Give’ was released on 7th July 2023 and you can listen to it on the YouTube link below:

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