Masquerader – Nothing Will Change EP

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Spending a couple years putting in the blood, sweat and graft, building both their reputation and skills on the Reading gig scene has put math-punk raveheads Masquerader in amazing stead for the release of debut EP ‘Nothing Will Change’. Encompassing elements of hardcore, rap and a plethora of electronics to tell a story of urban commuter belt decay, it’s evident the DIY trio are fans of myriad, far-reaching genres and possess the skill needed to stitch a bunch of them together to create some heavy aural magic.

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Lead track and the group’s first single ‘’ hurtles it’s way through whiplash inducing drums, screeching feedback and fast paced vocals that would address feelings of imposter syndrome, if they could be deciphered. ‘Pressure (Holy Trinity Cut)’ sees their electro proclivity given full freedom to cause whatever mischief it may, and what it comes up with is a roaring rave-metal masterpiece. ‘Paper Thin’ is a sparse exploration of fragile, toxic masculinity told through rap, quickening severe synths and aggressive sampling, ‘Heirloom’ acting as both a 2 minute outro and a reflective intro to the EP’s final hurrah.

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‘Mellify’, meaning to be embalmed in honey, is the cherry on top, with echoes of Deftones, Death Grips or a more bellicose Beastie Boys, considering the plague of gentrification and being mummified in the tomb of the commuter train.

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But before the blood-flecked party ends, there’s a parting treat of three absolutely storming remixes, revealing Masquerader’s music to be not only some thrilling listening in and of itself, but the perfect foundation for some stunning dance-tunage. The Caleb Paice remix of ‘Pressure’ is a bass-charged, acid-house techno monster, Chameleon gives ‘Paper Thin’ a drum’n’bass makeover and Silent Weapon violently fuck with ‘Mellify’ by turning the already full-blast levels up an ear-destroying few more notches with deliciously extra-noisy results.

‘Nothing Will Change’ was released by Masquerader on 14th July 2023 and you really should go about listening to it right now on your chosen streaming platform. We’ve bunged the Spotify link below so you can get on it immediately, if you so choose:

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