Black Grape – Milk

The newly sober grand-priest of Madchester and former Happy Mondays frontman Shaun Ryder has teamed back up with sometime bandmate and fellow Mancunian rapper – Kermit, to create another batch of swaggering new Black Grape songs after six years away, with ‘Milk’ being their latest spellbindingly pulsating offering.

Containing all the ingredients of their 90s bevvy of hits, both frontmen deliver high-intensity, unpretentious rap wordplay digging into their decision to quit intoxicants, along with beguiling electronics, some beefy bass and a frankly metaphysical guitar riff. More straight-up shamelessly danceable than ‘Kelly’s Heroes’ but unmistakably Black Grape all the same.

The track’s produced by classic producer Youth (The Verve, Embrace, The Orb) and remember that metaphysical guitar we mentioned? That’s played by Francesco Buffone from The Gulps.

Black Grape’s new album ‘Orange Head’ is due out on 3rd November 2023 through DGAFF records and available to pre-order now. The track list is below:

1. Dirt
2. Pimp Wars
3. Button Eyes
4. Quincy
5. In The Ground
6. Loser
7. Milk
8. Panda
9. Self Harm
10. Sex on the Beach

‘Milk’ was released on 25th July 2023 and you can hear it on all of the streaming platforms now. We’ve popped the Spotify link down below for you:

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