Shackles of Shame – On Tick

Short, sharp and fucking vicious. If we could leave the review there, we would. As it goes we need to pad things out a bit more, and Shackles of Shame’s ‘On Tick’ deserves a few more words anyway. With a firm reputation under their belts on the Cardiff alt-music scene, the cassock attired post-punk four-piece have made sure their long awaited debut single’s a punchy statement of intent.

Calling out pretty much everyone for fucking themselves over and living lives of debt slavery, as well those susceptible to risky methods of acquiring illicit substances, frontman Cal Ellis evangelizes blunt truths to a tune that’s part psych-rock’n’roll, part fuzzed up, scuzzy grunge, somehow managing to bring on the party whilst cutting a whole culture down to a humbly exposed size.

If you’ve seen us bang on about Fate Of The Sun on this blog and been into them then we reckon you’ll wanna give this a listen.

‘On Tick’ is the first track to be released from Shackles Of Shame’s soon-to-be-released EP ‘The Recession Sessions’ and was released on Wasabi Overload Records, 22nd July. Have a listen on the Spotify link below:

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