The Kills – New York / LA Hex

Transatlantic minimalist blues duo The Kills have got back together after a seven year hiatus, announcing their reformation with a two single release – ‘New York’ and ‘LA Hex’, sounding as muddied and bloodied as they ever did before.

‘New York’ is an Alison Mossheart lead composition of ominous bass rumbles, low beats, rat-a-tat-tat bursts of sleazy, sexy guitar chugs and a tempestuous vocal take from the singer telling a poisoned story of dark, violent love and desperation in the US metropolis.

‘LA Hex’ is otherworldly and lazy with a slow paced, cinematic spoken word discourse from Mossheart and fellow songsmith Jamie Hince, witchily belying a creeping melody that finally breaks out into an exalting gospel chorus. Utterly sordid and utterly vital.

Both ‘New York’ and ‘LA Hex’ were released on 25th July 2023 through Domino Records and you can buy 7″ versions of each of them right now, if you’re that taken with them. There are also videos out for both tracks. We’ve included both YouTube vids below for your viewing thrill:

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