PREGOBLIN feat Peter Doherty – These Hands AKA Danny Knife

Why do boys want to be in bands? And what are fans crying for when they holler at their heroes? PREGOBLIN are fucked if they know, but the boys keep trying to shoot their shot and us fans keep on shouting, ad infinitum and forever.

PREGOBLIN is Fat White Family collaborator and ex-The Saudis member Alex Sebley and on new song ‘These Hands AKA Danny Knife’ the artist teams up with Peter Doherty (Libertines, Babyshambles, you know him) to, in a roundabout way, cross-examine extremes of youthful uncertainty, starry-eyed ambitious escapism and eventual disillusionment in the minds of wannabe and bonafide rock stars, all in the confines of a magnificently chipper indie rock tune.

Spikily mischievous guitar lines and recurrent, jovial synth keeps the mood playful as the dual singers share vocal duties, building up a theoretical rock idol alter-ego identity to shield behind named Danny Knife, sounding flummoxed as to why anyone would want to be in their shoes and in turn flummoxed as to why they wanted to get up onstage in the first place.

‘These Hands AKA Danny Knife’ was released on Friday 28th July 2023 on Strap Originals records. You can see the official promo video right now, featuring Alex and Peter taking a stroll with the Libertines singer’s pair of hounds:

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