Pregoblin – Big Hitters

Topsy-turvy, swooning, warped, skewed, lilting, oblique, haywire, crooked, blissful, contorted, breezy, floating, rowdy and sedate is what Pregoblin’s next single Big Hitters is. All of those things. On their latest release, Pregoblin are helped along by US guitarist and radio host Armand Schaubroeck and together they want to empathise with those who have had theirContinue reading “Pregoblin – Big Hitters”

PREGOBLIN feat Peter Doherty – These Hands AKA Danny Knife

Why do boys want to be in bands? And what are fans crying for when they holler at their heroes? PREGOBLIN are fucked if they know, but the boys keep trying to shoot their shot and us fans keep on shouting, ad infinitum and forever. PREGOBLIN is Fat White Family collaborator and ex-The Saudis memberContinue reading “PREGOBLIN feat Peter Doherty – These Hands AKA Danny Knife”