Pregoblin – Big Hitters

Topsy-turvy, swooning, warped, skewed, lilting, oblique, haywire, crooked, blissful, contorted, breezy, floating, rowdy and sedate is what Pregoblin’s next single Big Hitters is. All of those things. On their latest release, Pregoblin are helped along by US guitarist and radio host Armand Schaubroeck and together they want to empathise with those who have had their songs chewed up and discarded by the music industry, making way for them ‘big hitters’.

Alex Sebley is bolstered by a ragtag multitude of musicians and co-songwriter Will Barker, to make sure their seething guitars meander, their gusty keyboards drift, their besieged drums spring and the vocals get packed with moony sentiment about not letting the bastards steal all the hard grown, plump, sweetly melodious, harmonic apples from the songwriting tree.

Released on 13th September 2023, Big Hitters is the second track Pregoblin have put out on Strap Original records and the second song to get an outing from their forthcoming sophomore LP – Pregoblin II, due for release on 12th January 2024. You can pre-order the LP now. Take a little look at the track list below:

1 – Big Hitters – feat. Armand Schaubroeck
2 – Roma
3 – Everybody’s Ill (At The Moment) Part 1 &
4 – Moving On
5 – Nobody Likes Me – feat. Jessica Winter
6 – Make Luv (I Like To Party) – feat. Erin Lawrie
7 – Alpha Business
8 – These Hands AKA Danny Knife – feat. Pete Doherty
9 – Sort It Out Down There
10 – Wimpy (album version)
11 – Two Kinds Of Music
12 – Big Hitters (Reprise)

There’s also an ace video for Big Hitters that you can watch below:

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