Fate Of The Sun – Mr Beige

“Half a lager top, some ready salted crisps/ Pastel coloured polo, bumbag on their hip”, there’s a type of bloke that winds Fate Of The Sun right up. For the sake of F.O.T.S’s new single, we’re calling him Mr Beige. He’s not an arsehole, he’s definitely not evil – a predilection for crusty rolls dipped in crème of mushroom soup, driving the family about in a Volvo minivan with a bike rack on top and never pulling a sicky doesn’t a scoundrel make, Mr Beige is just fucking bland.

With his latest single, Penarth’s finest music-making son makes it fiercely clear he refuses to bow down to the culture of mediocrity, choosing to denounce the trappings of dull, wage-slave suckerdom, delivering his severe spoken word reprimand to the drab like a clearer headed Mike Skinner, over dark, unsettling keyboard, ascending and descending synth tones and eerily distorted backing vox. If Mr Beige doesn’t at least go for a bag of Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch instead after hearing this tune then the bloke’s got no hope left.

Mr Beige was released to the world on 15th September 2023 and has already gotten airplay on Adam Walton’s essential BBC Wales Introducing radio show.

Fate Of The Sun also features on the astonishing Shunkfest line-up performing at The New Plaza, Port Talbot on 14th-15th October 2023, along with Trampolene, Pastel, Taxi Rank, Jackson Lucitt, Waterpistol, The Malakites, Airflo, Pseudo Cool and loads more. Snap up your tickets now!

And then watch the single’s video below:

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