Spector – The Notion

Clever, witty lyricism in alternative music is a neglected and underrated art in 2023, with wilfully indecipherable vocals often swamped in shoegaze feedback. We’re pretty damn thrilled, then, that Spector’s new single ‘The Notion’ has frontman Fred Macpherson on fine, dourly witty form, taking an introspective view of bottling up feelings and some weird, jarring loft parties with the sobering inquiry “What happens after the afters?”.

Mesmerising guitar loops and slinky drums form the ideal arrangement for long-time companion of the band, Dev Hynes (Blood Orange), to drop in a lusciously scratchy Weezer-esque solo to top off the London indie-adepts’ demurely gleaming comeback.

Photo: @wwillla

‘The Notion’ was released on 15th August 2023 and is available to hear on all of the streaming services as we speak. We’ve put the Spotify link for you below:

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