Jaws The Shark – Waiting For Something

Photo: @robcrawford

From ‘Waiting For Something’s first full-blown, rampaging, US grunge guitar bursts, it’s clear that we’re dealing with some intense, old school alt-rock here from London based solo artiste Jaws The Shark aka Olly Bailey. With all the sure-fire gusto of Foo Fighters at their college-rock finest, the singer-guitarist’s psalm to anticipation and falling prone to Cupid’s darts is as assured and meaty as the best of them.

Photo: @robcrawford

Colossal, heavy duty riffs and boisterous drumming cloak what essentially is a solid, raw tune, as the Sega Megadrive ten pin bowling sound effects at the track’s start signal what we later on verify to be true, that this is a 10/10 strike of a record.

‘Waiting For Something’ is the latest track to be released from Jaws The Shark’s soon-to-be-released third EP, out last week – 9th August 2023. We recommend you check out his last top effort too, ‘Suff City’. You can find a handy little Spotify link to ‘Waiting For Something’ below:

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