Minas – Chatty Patty

Gritty industrial realism looms large on Greek-Welsh punk hip-hop artist Minas’ latest single ‘Chatty Patty’. The exasperated rapper spits a raging discontent over the state of unfussed acceptance the general populace gives to gentrification when they could be rioting, “But I still don’t have much to say, order a flat white, discuss the weather, something I saw online…”, whilst considering his Cardiff hometown’s urban sprawl in a way many shy away from, “It’s a small city in a small country, a few high rises but nothing like London, but kind of stinks the same, still plenty of violence”.

The self-produced grinding electronic beats and repeating arabian-style background vocal offer a suitably harsh base for the track’s unflinching, disillusioned take-down of inner city life and resulting self-medication, “Mum’s disappointed, but I’d rather get high than think about dying all the time”, like a darkly heavy post-dubstep, acting as a coarse and brutal introduction to Minas’s next abrasive chapter, the upcoming ‘Grazes’ EP – due for release on November 3rd.

‘Chatty Patty’ was released on 7th September 2023 and is the first release from Minas’s new EP ‘Grazes’, the follow-up to his phenomenal Welsh Music Prize nominated debut LP ‘All My Love Has Failed Me’. You can take a listen to the track on the Spotify link below:

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