Statues of Men – Before I Go

Occasionally, very occasionally, a record comes out with an absolutely outrageous, fiercely driving, fucking heavy guitar line that it makes you burst out in borderline-unhinged laughter, not because it’s silly funny but because it’s ridiculously incredible. Well, Statues of Men’s latest release ‘Before I Go’ had us doing just that.

More than doing justice to their Catfish and the Bottlemen and Nothing But Thieves influences, the Cardiff foursome deliver some stunningly intense guitar sounds, high energy drumming and a perfectly sleek melody, with twin brothers Matt and Dan Maloney divvying up guitar and vocal duties, Matt’s cherubic incantations acting as an unlikely but actually excellently fitting counterpoint to the dirty, fuzzed up mayhem going on all over the rest of the track.

‘Before I Go’ was released on 1st September 2023 and is available on all of the streaming services as we speak. You can take a listen to it on Spotify below:

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