Andrew Cushin – Just Like You’d Want Me To

We thought Newcastle lad Andrew Cushin’s career was destined for massive things when his third ever single release was produced by Noel Gallagher and he signed a record deal early on with Peter Doherty’s record label. As if just to round off that nosebleed-inducing level of endorsement, the singer-songwriter is currently finishing off a slew of tour dates supporting One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson in the US and mainland Europe, in the run up to his debut album release ‘Waiting For The Rain’.

To ready us for the long player’s release, Cushin has put out piano-led anthem ‘Just Like You’d Want Me To’, an emotional chant of defiance seeing the singer consider some seriously low moments and, in the chorus, the hard won highs: “Well won’t you see me now/I’m stood here smiling, the world gets by/And we’ll do no wrong, if you keep singing along”, taking the soaring and affecting sentiment of a pop song and infusing it with the authenticity and grit of Northern English indie rock. We’re hoping to get an album’s worth of heart-shredding bangers like this.

Andrew Cushin’s debut album ‘Waiting For The Rain’, is due for release on 29th September 2023 via Strap Originals records. You can pre-order it now in all of it’s many ltd edition colours and bundles. Find the tracklist below:

1. Let Me Give it To You
2. Just Like You’d Want Me To
3. Comedown
4. It’s Coming Round Again
5. 4.5%
6. Broken Love Song
7. Waiting For The Rain
8. Wor Flags
9. Dream For a Moment
10. I Want You To Be There
11. You’ll Be Free
12. The End

You can find the video for ‘Just Like You’d Want Me To’ below:

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