86TVs – Worn Out Buildings

If we somehow physically could in writing, we would start this review off with a massive welcome back round of applause, with heaps of whoops and cheering, to Hugo and Felix White, ex-members of the dearly missed Maccabees, thank them profusely for coming back with new group 86TVs, and for coming back with an utterly joyful dazzler of a record like ‘Worn Out Buildings’.

Credit: Jono White

The first material we’ve heard from them yet, after spending time touring with the master that is Jamie T, along with younger brother Will and Noisettes/Stereophonics drummer Jamie Morrison, ‘Worn Out Buildings’ sees all four members sharing vocal duties, the resultant harmonious amalgamation sounding not unlike Arcade Fire, with ascending piano chords and some offhand lyrical quips of deep human insight providing permission to feel wonky.

With 86TVs, it seems as if the Brothers White are here to regain the indie music throne they gave up before, and we don’t think there’ll be anyone challenging them about it.

Credit: Mike Burnell

‘Worn Out Buildings’ has been out for a month already, released on 17th August 2023 (surely there’ll be a follow up soon) and you can watch the record’s video on the YouTube link below:

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