Shallowhalo – Decision of a Flower

NY duo Shallowhalo’s latest track is a succinct crystal glass electro gem. Energized with all the dancefloor dominating prowess of CSS, Ladytron and the electroclash masters, on ‘Decision of a Flower’ producers Allyson Camitta and Ezra Tenenbaum create two tasty minutes of synth-loaded, sludgy beat smothered, worked up excellence.

Transposing the act of plucking petals off flowers to coolly suss out the object of her heart’s desire’s affection into a digitized party soundtrack essential, Camitta’s sacchariferous tones work euphoric magic over the record’s rapturously regimented rhythms to create a work of the finest glacial, immaculate pop at it’s most untarnished. Almost like a Crystal Castles that won’t give you a brain hemorrhage.

‘Decision of a Flower’, the first track for Shallowhalo’s forthcoming EP, was released on 13th October 2023, along with the gloriously arty promo video that we have linked you to below:

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