Picture Parlour – Judgement Day

Photo: Em Cole

Sweeping theatrics are the order of the day on Picture Parlour’s second single ‘Judgement Day’. Liverpudlian frontwoman Katherine Parlour weaves together words with all the witty ingenuity of Alex Turner and the four piece’s dramatic instrumentation has more than a little in common with latter day Arctic Monkeys wide screen vision, or better still Father John Misty – but English and northern.

Photo: Teja Lisjak

Verbosely declaring the religious extent to which she has been bowled by love, the singer’s commanding Patti Smith grade growl fills the orchestral space between bundles of cinematic surf guitars and reverberating drums, with an altogether grander sound than their already excellent debut track ‘Norwegian Wood’.

Picture Parlour are coming up at just the same time as their spellbinding tour-mates, the excellent The Last Dinner Party, so we’re pretty confident that, between them, there’s something big happening here.

‘Judgement Day’ was released on 17th October 2023 and you can watch the single’s brilliant video below:

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