Silent Forum – Here’s The Email

In small, atomised, spare bedrooms all across the land, lone office workers log in to check their emails, dripping milk from a bowl of Cheerios all over their duvet, soaking papers on their desk with Tassimo Costa macchiattos as they bustle to show active on Teams by 9am. With post-punk shades of Idles, Sports Team and Talking Heads, on ‘Here’s The Email’ Silent Forum peer over the shoulder of those home-workers and read their nugatory laptop screens out loud: “Here’s the email – hope you’re safe and well, in these troubling times, hope your family’s well, hope your dog is well”.

Getting together from as far afield as Cardiff, Bristol, London and Barcelona, the quartet’s latest single taken from forthcoming second album ‘Domestic Majestic’ uses barbed, intersecting rhythms, pop-punk peppy guitars, nimble drums and wry, slice of life confessional lyrics to cheekily question the value of resilience and strength in adversity when the height of your day is pushing products, papers and sending out tasters.

‘Here’s The Email’ was released on 24th October 2023. Check out the video below that sees the band sat in chairs in the middle of the road, an act that caused a police van containing 6 officers to rock up and make sure a pesky protest wasn’t going on (no arrests were made and everyone was allowed to carry on nicely with their business):

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