Half Happy – Say This Twice

Cardiff woozy indie-popsters Half Happy’s latest single ‘Say This Twice’ is part spoken word, part radiant melody and entirely a sublime record about irrecoverably lost love. Rose’s cool vocals give a disappointed but eloquent account of sorrowfully bored domestication alongside Pete’s lustrous, dramatic, Tame Impala-like guitars.

Having heaps in common with alt-rock contemporaries Pit Pony, Sprints and past tour-mates English Teacher, the bittersweet quartet use dreamy, heavenly sounds to communicate the mournful atmosphere of bright-eyed romance turned stale, while managing to pack in a gorgeously lilting chorus and all.

‘Say This Twice’ was released on 25th October 2023, available on all of the streaming platforms everywhere and you can watch the record’s video on Youtube below. Spoiler: it sees the band looking confusedly at a platter of spaghetti bolognese and performing to a field of sunflowers:

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