DAYZIES – Eskimo

If Bloc Party had a go at playing a slightly speeded up version of The Undertones 70’s classic ‘Teenage Kicks’, we reckon the resultant sound would be something akin to Newcastle indie rockers DAYZIES’ new single ‘Eskimo’, a healthy collision of hazardously angular guitars and high-spirited punk melody.

Photo: @evekristina

The North-East four-piece’s third single release, named after a nickname for an ex who wore a parka with a big fluffy rimmed hood rather than the snow-blighted indigenous peoples of Alaska, wields an unforgettable tune, some high-grade yelping and a brilliant middle eight. Ingredients enough for an astoundingly excellent single.

DAYZIES have a couple gigs lined up if you’re in London or the North-East over the next few months. You can find them at:

Two Palms, Hackney, London – 25/11/2023
Coastal Crawl Festival, North Shields – 17/02/2024

‘Eskimo’ was released on 3 November 2023 via the ever exciting Bubblebrain Records. Hear it for yourself on the Spotify link below:

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