Black Foxxes – Le Pub, Newport – 29/09/2023

For the past couple of years Black Foxxes have been working feverishly away on the follow up to their 2020 darkly enchanting self-titled album, embarking on a crowd funding journey for fourth LP ‘The Haar’. Record complete, the Exeter indie-grunge trio announced a solitary show at Le Pub in Newport (later adding dates in LondonContinue reading “Black Foxxes – Le Pub, Newport – 29/09/2023”

Vona Vella – The Louisiana, Bristol – 26/09/2023

Playing the cosy upstairs room at Bristol’s The Louisiana has been a rite of passage for up-and-coming bands for many a year, with an abundance of the UK’s, even the world’s, greatest groups tramping their way up the skinny staircase from the innocuous downstairs pub to perform their wares in the upstairs, dimly lit, dreamContinue reading “Vona Vella – The Louisiana, Bristol – 26/09/2023”

Pregoblin – Big Hitters

Topsy-turvy, swooning, warped, skewed, lilting, oblique, haywire, crooked, blissful, contorted, breezy, floating, rowdy and sedate is what Pregoblin’s next single Big Hitters is. All of those things. On their latest release, Pregoblin are helped along by US guitarist and radio host Armand Schaubroeck and together they want to empathise with those who have had theirContinue reading “Pregoblin – Big Hitters”

Fate Of The Sun – Mr Beige

“Half a lager top, some ready salted crisps/ Pastel coloured polo, bumbag on their hip”, there’s a type of bloke that winds Fate Of The Sun right up. For the sake of F.O.T.S’s new single, we’re calling him Mr Beige. He’s not an arsehole, he’s definitely not evil – a predilection for crusty rolls dippedContinue reading “Fate Of The Sun – Mr Beige”

Sufjan Stevens – Will Anybody Ever Love Me?

You don’t simply listen to Sufjan Stevens. When he’s at the top of his game, hearing a Sufjan Stevens release is a spiritual, nay evangelical experience. And ‘Will Anybody Ever Love Me?’ is the Detroit alt-folk artist at the very top of his game, with all of the finger picked lute and soft, sensitive vocalContinue reading “Sufjan Stevens – Will Anybody Ever Love Me?”

Before It Went Rotten – Simon Matthews

Release date: Thursday 21st September 2023 via Oldcastle Books – Order here If you’ve heard of the Pub Rock genre at all, it’s most likely in unflattering terms from the snarled mouth of Johnny Rotten in a Sex Pistols documentary or tales of Joe Strummer’s improbable origins, pre The Clash; a musical movement to fileContinue reading “Before It Went Rotten – Simon Matthews”

86TVs – Worn Out Buildings

If we somehow physically could in writing, we would start this review off with a massive welcome back round of applause, with heaps of whoops and cheering, to Hugo and Felix White, ex-members of the dearly missed Maccabees, thank them profusely for coming back with new group 86TVs, and for coming back with an utterlyContinue reading “86TVs – Worn Out Buildings”

Alias Kid – Gonna Be A Star

Ballsy Manchester rockers Alias Kid are on a majestic roll. After the storming comeback single ‘She Don’t Yeah Yeah Yeah’ saw the self-assured foursome return in a maelstrom of screeching, life-affirming guitar, latest single ‘Gonna Be A Star’ has them proving they have the dexterity and sheer skill to put together a bonafide anthem too.Continue reading “Alias Kid – Gonna Be A Star”

Minas – Chatty Patty

Gritty industrial realism looms large on Greek-Welsh punk hip-hop artist Minas’ latest single ‘Chatty Patty’. The exasperated rapper spits a raging discontent over the state of unfussed acceptance the general populace gives to gentrification when they could be rioting, “But I still don’t have much to say, order a flat white, discuss the weather, somethingContinue reading “Minas – Chatty Patty”

Statues of Men – Before I Go

Occasionally, very occasionally, a record comes out with an absolutely outrageous, fiercely driving, fucking heavy guitar line that it makes you burst out in borderline-unhinged laughter, not because it’s silly funny but because it’s ridiculously incredible. Well, Statues of Men’s latest release ‘Before I Go’ had us doing just that. More than doing justice toContinue reading “Statues of Men – Before I Go”