Krush Puppies – Why

The second instalment of South London four-piece Krush Puppies’ ‘Love Kills The Demons’ EP is a ponderously lilting affair covered in heavenly keyboards and slow, droning fuzz-guitar effects, succeeding in sounding heavy and somehow delicate all at once, repeatedly attempting to fathom from the memory of a past relationship: “And I keep on asking whyContinue reading “Krush Puppies – Why”

Beabadoobee – Talk

A paradisiac concoction of sugar sweet pop and Pavement inspired slacker college rock, London singer-songwriter extraordinaire Beabadoobee has delivered a brand new single, ‘Talk’, to introduce us to forthcoming album ‘Beatopia’, the follow up to her 2020 debut ‘Fake It Flowers’. The dream mix ture of bubblegum and indie, ‘Talk’ uses squalling guitar effects andContinue reading “Beabadoobee – Talk”

The Publics – Marathon In Heels

Feeling a little late to the shindig here, but we’ve just stumbled across the latest single from Nottingham five piece The Publics ‘Marathon In Heels’ and it’s a bit of a show-stopper. Soaring, full gusted indie rock, like Courteeners if they were from a little further south, the track is both a tribute to girlsContinue reading “The Publics – Marathon In Heels”

Drool – Transmission Commission

To whet our appetites for the release of their (brilliantly titled) ‘Songs for the Sad Kids’ EP, London boys Drool take yet another step up, exploring adventurous new frontiers of their slinky grunge-pop stylings with ‘Transmission Commission’: an ominous sounding indie rock tune communicating a sense of foreboding and gripping anxiety through art rock guitarsContinue reading “Drool – Transmission Commission”

Andrew Cushin – Catch Me If You Can

The latest instalment from Newcastle’s most touted’s forthcoming debut EP ‘You Don’t Belong’, due out on April 22nd, is sauntering strut of a single ‘Catch Me If You Can’. Andrew Cushin’s inimitable, wordly vocals recount his fascination with “the girl without intentions” – “she showed me things I never should have seen, yeah she’s brokenContinue reading “Andrew Cushin – Catch Me If You Can”

The Clockworks – Endgame

Galway via London four-piece The Clockworks have come out with a turbulently energetic new single, Endgame. The track, built on top of a violently euphonious guitar line, is named after the Samuel Beckett play rather than the Marvel film and sees frontman James McGregor take on the persona of a pool playing lush, going outContinue reading “The Clockworks – Endgame”

Working Men’s Club – Widow

If New Order had mastered their way around synthesisers and drum machines a few years earlier and pioneered their electro concept while Ian Curtis was still about then they may have managed to come up with something in the style of ‘Widow’. Frontman Syd Minksy-Sargeant’s melodic-cyborg vocals speak horror film lyrics over deceptively euphoric synth-notesContinue reading “Working Men’s Club – Widow”

Serotones – Nothing’s What It Seems

Ladies and Gents, we have an epic on our hands here in the form of Serotones latest track ‘Nothing’s What It Seems’. Clocking in at a smidgen over the five minute mark, the York quintet led by Duke Witter – offspring of Shed Seven frontman Rick, have put together an evocative and emotional trip withContinue reading “Serotones – Nothing’s What It Seems”

Honeyglaze – Female Lead

Anouska Sokolow, lead songwriter of London trio Honeyglaze, tried bleaching her hair to look like the lead character in a film she was watching with unfortunate, Mum shaming, results. Thankfully for us, the lyrical humour it inspired is top notch. ‘Female Lead’ is an astoundingly perfect, laid back, twee indie pop single, possessing the spiritContinue reading “Honeyglaze – Female Lead”

Disgraceful Friend – Don’t Stand Up (Or Your Nose Is Gonna Bleed)

Following swiftly on from last year’s LP ‘Craft Excluder’, Barnsley writer and musician Ryan Bracha is back under the guise of Disgraceful Friend and today has brought two singles with him from out of the ether. Single number one, ‘Don’t Stand Up (Or Your Nose Is Gonna Bleed)’ is an intoxicating graveyard gothic garage rumble,Continue reading “Disgraceful Friend – Don’t Stand Up (Or Your Nose Is Gonna Bleed)”