Andrew Cushin – You Don’t Belong EP

Masterful songwriting is a skill sometimes bluffed in the world of melodic indie rock but Newcastle’s Andrew Cushin has authentic composition talent in spades and exhibits it proudly on his debut ‘You Don’t Belong’ EP, an assemblage of tunes so accomplished he even has the famously cynical ears of Noel Gallagher pricked up. Feasting onContinue reading “Andrew Cushin – You Don’t Belong EP”

As Loud As A Mouse – Cat Gone Dog

On debut single ‘Cat Gone Dog’, Reading DIY duo As Loud As A Mouse make a massive noise for just two men. It’s a nutty punk noise, a bizarro math rock noise, an at times anarchic shouty noise and a damn catchy single with enough tempo changes to give you a small nose bleed, anContinue reading “As Loud As A Mouse – Cat Gone Dog”

Opus Kink – The Unrepentant Soldier

What happens when a Brightonian punk band fully embrace cuban jazz? You get a unique, conquering sound like the one Opus Kink make and on ‘The Unrepentant Soldier’, the latest release from OK’s forthcoming debut EP, the six-piece use flamboyant trombone, guitar and throaty vocals to dissect the stubborn thoughts of a regretless mercenary asContinue reading “Opus Kink – The Unrepentant Soldier”

Rats-Tails – Spines

Today’s review is of this curious, fragile tune by the wholly independent South East London duo who go by the moniker ‘Rats-Tails’. They are singer/songwriter Courtney McMahon and guitarist Chris Bull, and describe their music as Mystic Folk & Dream Pop, a succinct and accurate description indeed. Barely over-running the two minute mark, their melancholyContinue reading “Rats-Tails – Spines”

The Mysterines – Reeling

You may have missed it when The Mysterines creeped quietly onto the scene in 2018 with small fanfare and you would also be forgiven if you overlooked the stream of fast paced and filthy indie blues tracks the Liverpool group have spent the past four years drip feeding the world, but there’s absolutely no ignoringContinue reading “The Mysterines – Reeling”

Soccer Mommy – Shotgun

We’re not sure if ‘Shotgun’ was written about a nightmare, toxic relationship situation or if it’s an infatuated love song. Either way, it’s steeped deep with emotion, whether or not it’s joy or pain. And such is the magnificence of Soccer Mommy Sophie Allison’s song writing skill, a record exerting the lyrical prowess of poeticContinue reading “Soccer Mommy – Shotgun”

Krush Puppies – Why

The second instalment of South London four-piece Krush Puppies’ ‘Love Kills The Demons’ EP is a ponderously lilting affair covered in heavenly keyboards and slow, droning fuzz-guitar effects, succeeding in sounding heavy and somehow delicate all at once, repeatedly attempting to fathom from the memory of a past relationship: “And I keep on asking whyContinue reading “Krush Puppies – Why”

Beabadoobee – Talk

A paradisiac concoction of sugar sweet pop and Pavement inspired slacker college rock, London singer-songwriter extraordinaire Beabadoobee has delivered a brand new single, ‘Talk’, to introduce us to forthcoming album ‘Beatopia’, the follow up to her 2020 debut ‘Fake It Flowers’. The dream mix ture of bubblegum and indie, ‘Talk’ uses squalling guitar effects andContinue reading “Beabadoobee – Talk”

The Publics – Marathon In Heels

Feeling a little late to the shindig here, but we’ve just stumbled across the latest single from Nottingham five piece The Publics ‘Marathon In Heels’ and it’s a bit of a show-stopper. Soaring, full gusted indie rock, like Courteeners if they were from a little further south, the track is both a tribute to girlsContinue reading “The Publics – Marathon In Heels”

Drool – Transmission Commission

To whet our appetites for the release of their (brilliantly titled) ‘Songs for the Sad Kids’ EP, London boys Drool take yet another step up, exploring adventurous new frontiers of their slinky grunge-pop stylings with ‘Transmission Commission’: an ominous sounding indie rock tune communicating a sense of foreboding and gripping anxiety through art rock guitarsContinue reading “Drool – Transmission Commission”