Florence + The Machine – Mermaids

To top off latest astounding album ‘Dance Fever’, Florence + The Machine have kept an absolute ace up their incredibly billowing sleeves with ‘Mermaids’. What starts as a measured, ponderous chant, peppered with drum strikes that sound like an enormous door being earnestly rapped becomes a whole different beast once the portal is flung openContinue reading “Florence + The Machine – Mermaids”

Florence + The Machine – King

After her magickal second album ‘Ceremonials’ and the monumental ‘How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful’, Florence + The Machine’s fourth album ‘High As Hope’ hit a little lower against a personal, fragile line. ‘King’, then, is Florence Welch back up at her full-throated, anthemic greatest. The song has all the burning heart emotion of aContinue reading “Florence + The Machine – King”