Florence + The Machine – Mermaids

To top off latest astounding album ‘Dance Fever’, Florence + The Machine have kept an absolute ace up their incredibly billowing sleeves with ‘Mermaids’. What starts as a measured, ponderous chant, peppered with drum strikes that sound like an enormous door being earnestly rapped becomes a whole different beast once the portal is flung openContinue reading “Florence + The Machine – Mermaids”

Phoenix feat. Clairo – After Midnight

The mighty Phoenix. Masters of effortlessly knowing their way around the crafting of outstanding, loveable indie pop tunes and always, always there, toiling away reliably, brilliantly, in the background. We do love Phoenix so very, very much. And so, it would seem, do some of the biggest and best names in indie rock. Very recently,Continue reading “Phoenix feat. Clairo – After Midnight”