Disgraceful Friend – Don’t Stand Up (Or Your Nose Is Gonna Bleed)

Following swiftly on from last year’s LP ‘Craft Excluder’, Barnsley writer and musician Ryan Bracha is back under the guise of Disgraceful Friend and today has brought two singles with him from out of the ether.

Single number one, ‘Don’t Stand Up (Or Your Nose Is Gonna Bleed)’ is an intoxicating graveyard gothic garage rumble, delivering an ominous treatise, in a regional accent through vivid imagery, of the annoyances of a workplace.

Single number two, ‘Get Down Get Dirty’ is more traditional Disgraceful Friend fare. The spoken word vocals out at the front of the mix, questioning the effect of illicit substances on an otherwise satisfactory life, around a scuzzy and spirited, repeating chiming guitar line and keyboards.

If you’re enjoying the sound of this, both tracks are available to buy on Disgraceful Friend’s bandcamp or you can find them on all the usual streaming services now. There’s also a swanky video for ‘Don’t Stand Up (Or Your Nose Is Gonna Bleed)’ that you can see below:

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