Honeyglaze – Female Lead

Anouska Sokolow, lead songwriter of London trio Honeyglaze, tried bleaching her hair to look like the lead character in a film she was watching with unfortunate, Mum shaming, results. Thankfully for us, the lyrical humour it inspired is top notch.

‘Female Lead’ is an astoundingly perfect, laid back, twee indie pop single, possessing the spirit of sixties girl pop, instilling it with the modern day nous of Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura.

Honeyglaze – ‘Female Lead’ cover art

‘Female Lead’ is taken from Honeyglaze’s self titled debut album, due April 29th 2022 on Speedy Wunderground records, available in all kind of beautiful formats and bundles, and is the band’s fourth single. Check out the LP’s track list right here, including former singles ‘Burglar’, ‘Creative Jealousy’ and ‘Shadows’:

1. Start
2. Shadows
3. Creative Jealousy
4. I Am Not Your Cushion
5. Female Lead
6. Burglar
7. Half Past
8. Deep Murky Water
9. Young Looking
10. Souvenir
11. Childish Things

The band are also currently on tour. Have a look at the video for ‘Female Lead’ below:

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