Rats-Tails – Spines

Today’s review is of this curious, fragile tune by the wholly independent South East London duo who go by the moniker ‘Rats-Tails’. They are singer/songwriter Courtney McMahon and guitarist Chris Bull, and describe their music as Mystic Folk & Dream Pop, a succinct and accurate description indeed.

Barely over-running the two minute mark, their melancholy psalm strays little further than a beautifully spaced out and sparse guitar strum with exposed drums, with vocalist Courtney remembering a bleakly honest, emotional scene, candidly deliberating suicidal feelings through the poignant imagery of tugging hair from a hairbrush and being captivated with the naked spines revealed underneath.

Photo Credit: Jody Evans

Rats-Tails’ debut single ‘Spines’ was released on 2nd March 2022. Rats-Tails have the following gig in London coming up:

27th April 2022 – The Shacklewell Arms, Dalston, London

Check out their bandcamp to hear the single or find the Spotify link below.

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