Opus Kink – The Unrepentant Soldier

What happens when a Brightonian punk band fully embrace cuban jazz? You get a unique, conquering sound like the one Opus Kink make and on ‘The Unrepentant Soldier’, the latest release from OK’s forthcoming debut EP, the six-piece use flamboyant trombone, guitar and throaty vocals to dissect the stubborn thoughts of a regretless mercenary as they succumb to a self-righteous death, surrounded by a fabulous cacophony of Latino noise.

‘The Unrepentant Soldier’ was released on 21st March 2022 through the mighty Nice Swan records, also home to English Teacher, Jaws The Shark, Sprints, Fur and Pip Blom.

The group are playing London’s 100 Club for Dork’s night out x The Great Escape on 21st April (so that’s two nights time from now) along with Malady and L’Objectif. Tickets are still available!
Check out their bandcamp for upcoming shows in Sheffield, Brighton, Birkenhead, Bedford, Blackpool and Milton Keynes.

Hear the all important actual song on Spotify below or wherever else you stream your tunes:

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