As Loud As A Mouse – Cat Gone Dog

On debut single ‘Cat Gone Dog’, Reading DIY duo As Loud As A Mouse make a massive noise for just two men. It’s a nutty punk noise, a bizarro math rock noise, an at times anarchic shouty noise and a damn catchy single with enough tempo changes to give you a small nose bleed, an uncomplicated chorus that’ll hook in your noggin and lyrics that fall just on the right side of questionably gibbering savant. After a few minutes of rapid, gratifying tuneage the song descends into a mire of backward guitar, so we’re just going to press this here backward arrow and start it all over again from scratch.

As Loud As A Mouse are signed to London’s Big Richard Records who have built a healthy roster of authentic independent artists and put on a load of club nights around England’s capital in the past two years – check out our previous review of labelmate Kipper Gillespie’s ‘K (Be Funny) EP’. ‘Cat Gone Dog’ was released on 25th March 2022.

Find a Spotify link for ‘Cat Gone Dog’ below and check out a live video of the single below that:

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