The K’s – Hometown

Opening with a brash stomp of a T-Rex riff, The K’s are back with ‘Hometown’, a rough and ready tale of life in Suburbia set to a rabble-rousing pop punk roar that The Enemy might have delivered in the mid-00s.

The tune zips up, the riff goes off and the Earlestown four-piece vividly dissect an everyman character charging around his hometown, taking too much coke, getting into scraps and debt, drunkenly charming girls, before realising that “he’s emptied all his wages/ into the pockets of the boys that he hated” and wishing back to simpler times “playing all his favourite sounds in the sun”.

‘Hometown’ was released on Friday 22nd April 2022 on all streaming platforms.

Included for your listening pleasure below are the Youtube video (viewable only from 18:00 – 27th April 2022 – press the reminder button if you’re lurking around these parts before then) and a Spotify link:

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