Fate Of The Sun – Blade Runner 1999

Fate Of The Sun reckons we live in a dystopian mess of a world, so much so he feels like he’s living in the cruddy future originally envisioned in 1982 sci-fi flick Blade Runner, and who are we to argue when he cries he’s “had enough of this crazy spice infested town”, “they gambled it all away, they put it in the slot”, “and as those robots rise it’s us who count the cost”.

The outspoken Cardiff DIY solo recording artist spits sung rap vocals like a more ebullient Ian Brown or Kasabian at their ‘Empire’ height, over slow booming bass, Lust for Life drum beat and handclaps, ‘Blade Runner 1999’ plummets into an ominous distorted voiced warning “there ain’t no time for pointing fingers or turning back, just getting another Stella before the final blast” and a speeded up outro before fading out to nothing, the same ending he foresees for a mislead and stumbling society.

If the world is ending then Fate Of The Sun is giving us some A-grade quality music to soundtrack the robot apocalypse.

‘Blade Runner 1999’ was released on 15th April 2022 and is available to stream on Spotify below:

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