The year is 2023. Having escaped largely unscathed from a worldwide pandemic, western civilisation finds itself again in peril, this time under threat of Satan 2 intercontinental ballistic missile attack from Russia and covert cyber warfare via lustrous social media apps funded by the Chinese government. On ‘BLADE RUNNER BOOGIE’, Fate of the Sun watches perplexed as the nation’s collective wilfully witless response seems to be “another box set, another night, another smoke, I need a light/ we hit the town every Friday night, drink pints till we’re sick and fuck or fight”.

Long-term F.OT.S followers will be aware of this exasperated thread running through his output, ‘BLADE RUNNER BOOGIE’ working as a psyched-up sequel to 2022 anthem ‘BLADE RUNNER 1999’. This iteration boosts apocalyptic soothsaying with fast, fuzzy beats, electronic bone-convulsing bass and eerily insouciant given the gritty subject matter “la-la-la-la”s, providing the masses with the kind of tune they could have a knees up to as their neighbourhoods burn down all about them and they crack open another Stella can. Like an antidote Pied Piper to the ChatGPT hellscape, our vocalist offers up a hopeful “come on, follow me…” but as his words fade out at the track’s end we fear he knows that nothing’s going to get in the way of “Super Sunday, let’s get wasted!”

‘BLADE RUNNER BOOGIE’ was released on 12th May 2023 and is available to stream at all of the usual outlets right now. While you’re here though, you may as well tap below and have a listen on Spotify:

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I like music. In my spare time sometimes I listen to it and then write about the music I've listened to.

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