Columbia – Embrace The Chaos

Many artists try hard to bury their influences under heaps of avant-garde experimentalism, misjudged kooky angles and cringe worthy vocal gymnastics when, truly, it was the monolithic greats who brought us all kneeling at the altar of rock’n’roll. Columbia see no merit in hiding where their sound comes from and boldly plaster their influences in massive letters all across their work.

Not being shy to celebrate their idols, ‘Embrace The Chaos’ is equal parts Led Zeppelin without the caterwauling and Oasis at the peak of their first swaggering and riffed-up wind. Songs like ‘Fall Into The Sun’ and ‘Glory People’ take full-blown, pumped up rock and metal sounds from the sixties right up until the nineties, stirring in baggy rhythms and shoegaze feedback and managing to turn them into something still new, still with bags of buzz and electricity.

There are moments of comedown genius, like ‘All the Streets Are Silent’ with the spirit of U2’s ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’ or ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’, and ‘Devil On Your Shoulder’, redolent of Radiohead at their most ‘Fake Plastic Trees’ fragile and these are tempered with life affirming indie vanquishers like ‘Something More’, the most Mancunian sounding song a bunch of welshmen have ever written (think Courteeners, Stone Roses and Liam Gallagher all compressed within four joyous minutes).

In lifting their musical deities up as high as their superbly honed talents allow, Columbia have crafted a record out from which their multitudinous heroes of the past five or six decades brightly and proudly shine.

Columbia are a four piece group from Cardiff, Wales. Their debut album ‘Embrace The Chaos’ was released on 11th March 2022 and is available on all streaming platforms right now. Find it down below, along with the official video for standout track ‘Glory People’:

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