Grace Calver – Bored Of U

On her shiny new second single, ‘Bored Of U’, singer-songwriter Grace Calver uses weapons of dreamy pure pop, delicious honesty and purposefully cheesy harmonies to stick it to an ex-partner who refuses to get their shit together. Somehow, the 18 year old artist has managed to create a superbly sunny soundtrack for the summer while maintaining her aloofness one hundred percent.

Credit: JoLi Studios

Grace exhibits her adroit multi-instrumentalism by playing floaty guitar, bass and synth as well as performing vocals on the track and although Lily Allen and Kate Nash comparisons are sure to be bandied about, Calver’s influences of The Cure and Declan McKenna are glowingly apparent in the track’s strong, dreamy guitar line and melody.

‘Bored Of U’ is out today, 20th May 2022, and you can find it on all of the streaming services right now. If you want to have a listen on Spotify you can tap below:

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