Ynes – Fake What Your Mama Gave Ya

Ynes has one splendidly succinct message to communicate through new single ‘Fake What Your Mama Gave Ya’. If, after hearing the sassily divine track, you’re still in the dark, she spelt it out simply in under 280 characters on Twitter: “Fuck middle class indie boys”. And after listening to her take down of £1000 ripped up fast fashion jackets, fake accents and poverty tourism your response can only be a chin stroking nod of agreement or a fist pump and resoundingly fierce “Hell yeah!”

Sonically, the English-Canadian musician takes her cues from 70s punk artists like X-Ray Spex and The Slits, with a little sprinkling of britpop melody, but her indignant fury and razor sharp observation is strictly for present day social media and the 2022 music scene (although, quite frankly, this is a tale as old as time). Ynes delivers her missive with an appreciable measure of humour, likely to keep her sanity intact, but ‘Fake What Your Mama Gave Ya’ acts as a perfect velvet gloved sucker punch to influencers with rich parents who can glibly demand “quit your job… Because you don’t need one!”.

Credit: @mindofmaria_

‘Fake What Your Mama Gave Ya’ is out on all streaming platforms right this very moment and we highly recommend you give the Spotify link a tap below for a listen:

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