Sam Fender – Alright

To mark his monumental headline gig at Finsbury Park last Friday night, Sam Fender, the Geordie king of indie, has re-released one of his favourite tracks from his ‘Seventeen Going Under’ album sessions, ‘Alright’. Missing from the finished album release and originally playing second fiddle to A-side ‘Long Way Off’, the track was put out on vinyl only in 2020 and again as a Record Store Day release backed with a live version of The Kitchen in April of this year, but the emotive tearjerker has now been given a much deserved release of it’s very own.

Fully embracing his newfound status as a universally adored indie-crooner extraordinaire, Fender digs deep to harness vocals that would make Jeff Buckley do a double-take, delivering a heartfelt and clearly deeply sentimental song about “cheating death” and fighting depression. A song that would no doubt have sounded spine-tingling sung to 40,000 people in London last weekend and will sound similarly spine-tingling belted out from Wembley Stadium’s stage when he makes it there in a couple of years time.

‘Alright’ was released on all of the streaming platforms on 15/07/2022. There’s a Spotify link handily included just below this article for you, along with a video pinched off of Youtube of the track performed with his band at Finsbury Park on Friday night:

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